Divination Services

Tarot and oracle readings, with discounts to those who donate to one of my favorite organizations. If I was useful, commenting to leave a review is really helpful for me!

Great Sample Questions:

“What is the deal with (insert situation)?”

“What are my next steps to continue evolving?”

“What am I trying not to know right now?”

Orgs to Support

Indy10 Black Lives Matter

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network

No More Deaths – No Mas Muertes

Ways to Pay Me




Or check out my Barter Opportunities page!

Decks and Custom Spreads

I collect decks so I will choose one depending on your stated preference for things like imagery or level of abstraction. If you have any requests for trigger accommodations, that is 100% okay.

I will be happy to make a custom spread for you if none I already use are a good fit for your needs.

You’ll get a photo of your reading for your reference.


Single Reading

$30 to me, or $20 donation to a listed org. The rate is the same for custom or preexisting spreads.

Compound Reading

$40 to me, or $30 donation to a listed org.

Clarification cards, subsequent spreads on related topics, it’s all good. We can keep digging!

Please do try to ask the same question only once. If you already know the answer, then you already know the answer. If the cards seem wrong, trust your own knowing instead of brute forcing the problem until you hear what you know you already know. You know?

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